Compass 3.2.1

An app used to show direction, a compass right on your phone you can use to determine location

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    GPS Utilities

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    Android 3.3 / Android 3.1 / Android 2.1 / Android 2.2 / Android 4.1 / Android 3.2 / Android 3.0 / Android 2.0 / Android 2.0.1 / Android 2.3 / Android 4.0 / Android 1.6

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    6.2 (37)

Global positioning systems are all the rage today, but some people like to stick with the basics of navigation for hiking purposes, scavenger hunts, etc, and so the Android program Compass might come in handy for those types.

A Look Inside the Compass Program

If you were to judge this Android program off of only its name, then you may think that Compass is just a basic sort of compass that you can pick up from any supply store on the planet. However, there are some pretty cool features and functions that you get along with this program. Yes, it is true that serving as a compass is this program's primary feature, but there are also additional features, backgrounds and settings you can toy around with to really bring this program to life. For instance, let's say you're one of those scavenger hunters in the city. That's a very popular pastime today. Though you're hunting for a location, not traveling to some predefined area, so a GPS is pointless. However, knowing your direction is essential, and so this program could definitely help you out in that regard.

One of the best things about this program that people have been noticing is that it's incredibly small. At only 500kb, you're not losing any valuable space on your devices at all, so you can download this even if you already have a packed phone. Plus it's available for any Android OS 1.5 and up, so you can even use it on an old device that you refuse to get rid of.

How Compass Works and Its Features

At first glance, you may make the mistake in believing that this is only a compass that will point you in the right direction. And while it does function that way, that's far from the only function you'll get with this program. For starters, you can change the background with over five different options, so you can make it match the sort of theme that you want. Secondly, you can actually save locations on the program. So while it's not set up to be a GPS, you can still toy around with the features and make it act like one. As long as you've been to the location, or have marked it physically, Compass can act just like a GPS and help you get back.

Another cool aspect of this program is that the software developers, Catch, are continually adding new features and versions of this program. So while today's version is 3.2.1, in another year or so multiple updates could roll out and give you entirely new features that you never even thought about. It's not one of those programs that's going to completely change your life and your mobile experience, but if you're in the sort of niche that could use an electronic compass, this is the sort of program you may want to try out.

Pros and Cons of Compass


  • Cool custom features
  • Works like a real compass
  • Can act like a GPS
  • Program regularly updated


  • Basically overkill if you have a good phone/tablet
  • Might chew a lot of your power, especially in night mode

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